Lorain County Auditor Ronald Mantini charged with DUI

LORAIN, OH – 66-year-old Ronald Mantini, a top Lorain city elected official is accused of driving while intoxicated. He was taken into custody and charged on Thursday, 21st of November 2013 for driving under the influence.

On Thursday evening, Mantini was believed to be impaired while driving his vehicle said police. He told police that he was on the way to his home from a fundraiser hosted by Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer.

The police report shows that Mantini was pulled over at Westwood and Oberlin Avenue because he was driving at high speed. The officer saw Mantini going above the 80mph limit on a Lorain city street. The report also shows that the officer smelled alcohol on him and issued Mantini several field sobriety tests which he didn’t pass. His BAC level was measured at 0.111%, which is above the legal driving limit in Ohio.

Jen Stewart of Lorain said, “I think that he is supposed to be representing the city and he shouldn’t be getting behind the wheel intoxicated”.

Jack Lewis of Lorain said, “They’re human, just like everybody else. And, we all make mistakes and sometimes we have to pay for them”.

Mantini declined to comment on camera and said that the incident should not affect his job as city auditor. He also said that he is feeling ashamed of what he has done.

Ronald Mantini was released from jail on a $1,050 bond on Thursday evening, said the jail administrators. He was also charged with another traffic violation.

He is summoned to court on Tuesday to face a charge of operating a vehicle while impaired as well as reckless operation.

According to Mantini, he has 2 years remaining on his term as auditor. At that time, he said he is likely to retire and not seek re-election.

News Source: www.Fox8.com