Mentor’s Stadium Grill bar under fire for displaying Drunken Driving license plates

A northeast Ohio bar is under fire due to their wall décor because they used OVI license plates for decoration. The bar is being pinned for glorifying driving under the influence after customers started complaining about the bar’s collection of OVI license plates that are displayed on a wall in the Mentor’s Stadium Grill bar.

A report by Fox 8 News showed the negative reactions of community members toward the plates, especially from individuals who had lost someone dear to them because of drunk driving accidents.

Executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Julie Leggett, told Fox 8 that the display has essentially become a wall of honor- an “honor” perhaps, that others would strive for.

The owner of the Stadium Grill, Shari Rymer, who was also convicted of OVI 2 times said that her decoration is not meant to encourage an environment of irresponsibility and driving under the influence. She also said that she takes drunken driving seriously and even hosts AA meetings at her bar. According to her, the plates are actually meant to encourage customers not to drink and get behind the wheel. Other than that she said that it’s her bar and she can decorate it the way she likes.

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