Dale Naticchia

I am dedicated to my client’s cause right from the initial interview. I spend a great deal of time with every client to develop a strategy to effectively defend them. I immediately put a plan into action.

Firm History

I have been successfully representing clients for over 27 years. Over 95% of my practice is devoted to clients that face drunk driving charges. I study and defend every aspect of a client’s case from beginning to the end. Like all other aspects of life, diligence and tenacity gets results. I know the law, the judges and the prosecutors and develop a unique strategy for every case.

Firm Mission Statement

I am totally devoted to protecting the rights of citizens who all to often become subject to harsh and unfair laws or who are wrongfully accused. The justice system needs guardians to insure citizens do not fall prey to the oppressive powers of the state.

Work Philosophy

When people have been accused by government of a crime, they face prosecution by an entity that has vast resources to prosecute them. People need to be assured that they do have rights and those rights will be protected.