Why Hire an Attorney

What Should My Attorney Do For Me?

You should have a good idea what the criminal defense attorney can do for you after your initial consultation. Even though my initial consultation is free, it usually lasts between 30-45 minutes. I try to get as much information from the client as possible so I can get a preliminary strategy so I know what we are up against. I also evaluate the court and the prosecutor. Each case is like a snowflake, the facts are never identical. After the initial consultation, I tell the client what I believe the defenses are and what I will do to investigate them. I also let the client know how quickly I can get them on the road legally and what we will need to accomplish that goal.


Your DUI/OVI attorney should immediately engage in discovery to get all the facts of the case. This would include dash cam videos, booking videos, breathalyzer records, police reports, witness statements and anything else that may be available. This information is invaluable and usually opens doors to defense strategies. I provide my clients with what I receive and let them watch the videos so they understand their case. More frequently than not, the discovery provides some defenses that will allow me to either win at trial or convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge.

Inform You about The Judge and Prosecutor

Every court is different, every judge is different and every prosecutor is different. Many of these differences are significant. It is important to know these differences because what may work wonderfully in one court will not work in the other. For instance, I know of one judge that is very punitive but frowns on stops and arrests made in violation of constitutional rights. I also know that this judge carefully reads everything you file. Even though this is a tough judge, I know that a solid, fact based constitutional argument in his courtroom has a good chance of winning.

Inform You About the Potential Penalties

Courts have a lot of discretion when it comes to sentencing. The DUI/OVI lawyer should tell you about the potential sentences specific to the court you are in.

By Dale Naticchia