Additional Penalties for Shoplifting: If Convicted, Will You Have to Pay Restitution?

Interviewer: You mentioned that in some cases that a judge will impose 10 days in jail and in some cases more. What other penalties are associated with shoplifting charges?  Are they monetary damages?

It Is Likely That Restitution Will Be a Component of Sentencing

Dale: Most people who are convicted are going to have to pay restitution. That would be a component of the sentence.

You Will Have to Pay for the Full Price of the Item, Even if It Was Marked Down Previously

Interviewer: What is the restitution? Is it just the amount of the items or is it more?

Dale: It’s interesting. For example, Kohl’s is a store where everything is always 50% off and they place the retail value of the sunglasses that was taken at $50.00, even if they were on sale for $10.00. You will be ordered to pay $50.00.

Are Petty Theft Charges Aggravated Based on the Value of the Items that Were Stolen?

Interviewer:  Are there any subdivisions of petty theft where the charges might be aggravated because of the value of the stolen items?

Dale: The defense of charges for high ticket items becomes more difficult. The bigger the dollar amount, the harder it is to argue that my client just forgot to take it to a register.