Schools/Areas Shere Cases Come From

Interviewer: What are the schools that you tend to get cases from most frequently in your area?

Dale: You know, I would say that there is none. There are a lot of schools in this area, as in any area. They come from all over. Any social economic background at all, it doesn’t fall particularly in schools in poor districts or more wealthy districts. They’re pretty well evenly distributed. Especially with drugs and alcohol.

Interviewer: Are you able to give a list of schools in the area that you practice in?

Dale: Any school in the area.

Interviewer: How many are there, you think?

Dale: I don’t know, probably fifty, sixty. You got to remember sometimes it happens at the elementary level.

Interviewer: At the elementary level will they still be prosecuting people?

Dale: Oh yes.I would say seventh and eighth graders fairly frequently.

Interviewer: So 11, 12 year old kids being arrested, that’s pretty frequent?

Dale: Yeah, they get in fights, they bring alcohol to school, they bring weapons to school, yes. And an interesting phenomena, you talk about school not being the same. Many of the altercations that lead to assault charges involve exclusively females.

Interviewer: You see, what, girls are fighting boys and boys lately?

Dale: Yes.I don’t understand why, but our culture is changed.