Defending A Traffic Offense

Interviewer: That’s crazy, that’s crazy. How fight-able is a speeding ticket, or your normal traffic offense? How difficult is it to get off your record?

Dale: You know you have to see if the officer has been certified on that machine, and whether he calibrated it properly. In some courts will even take it a step further and they say they have to bring an expert in to explain how the laser or the radar works. You push all the buttons than something good happens usually, Okay. That’s the way I look at it, you raise every defense, you show up, and most of the time you’ll get what you want.

Interviewer: So what is it that most of the time you can possibly get? Do you just try to get the points taken away but they still have fines? Or the whole thing thrown out or what happens?

Dale: The ideal thing is to get it all thrown out, that’s the best thing. But when the prosecutor offers you a deal, like making it a non moving offense and all your client has to do is pay fines and costs, you better take it. And that’s how most of them end up. A no point violation for instance an unsafe vehicle, which is has a burned out headlight. 98% of the time it’s under a non moving vehicle.