How A Driving Offense Effects A CDL Holder Vs Regular License Holder

Interviewer: So when you have a CDL are you, well, we’ll talk about driving offenses first of all. When a person with a regular drivers license speeds, blows a stop sign, or does any of these infractions. What happens to them versus a person with a CDL?

Dale: The CDL holder has to worry about not only his insurance but his employer’s insurance, and his employer’s policies. The employers like to see a pristine record, because they get premium insurance rates as a result. So therefore, what happens in your private automobile; even though it might not be held against your CDL can certainly affect your ability to get a job as a commercial driver.

Interviewer: Sounds like CDL holders have quite a bit more at stake, even for a routine traffic infraction but certainly for DUI, OVI right?

Dale: Yes, and that’s a private vehicle. The limit for driving a commercial vehicle the blood alcohol concentration could be no greater than .04.

Interviewer: Let me back up for a second, you said a private vehicle. So a CDL holder, even when they’re in their own regular car, are they subject to more intense scrutiny and problems?

Dale: Absolutely. For traffic violations and for OVI violations.

Interviewer: So if I drive a truck, and I’m out with my family, driving the family car, and I fail to yield or fail to obey a red light and I get cited. That will affect my commercial driver’s license?

Dale: Absolutely, yes.

Interviewer: And then what we talked about with DUI, OVI, and same thing it’ll affect your commercial driver’s license as well, right?

Dale: If you have an OVI, yes it affects your commercial driver’s license. As I say, for the first one you’ll get a 1 year disqualification, doesn’t matter if you’re in a private vehicle or in a commercial vehicle. The second one is a lifetime disqualification. Again, it makes no difference if you’re in a private vehicle or commercial vehicle.

Interviewer: What about for the blood the alcohol level that necessarily gets you in trouble? Does that matter if it’s a private vehicle or a commercial vehicle?

Dale: .08 is the limit on a private vehicle, .04 if you’re driving a commercial vehicle. Now remember, even if you test under .08 they can still charge you with driving while impaired. It just makes it more difficult for the prosecution to prove.
By Dale Naticchia