Penalties For A Person Who Has CDL

Interviewer:What happens once you have a CDL and your driving for a company, let’s say you’re a trucker. What happens if you get pulled over for speeding or a traffic infraction?

Dale: First of all, they regulate. The state highway patrol is certainly tougher on truck drivers than they are just regular drivers. They’re going to be looking at them more closely, because they do pose a danger on the road. There’s a special risk with driving a big vehicle on the road, and they look at them carefully. So therefore, if they see someone in a truck doing 60 in a 55, they probably will pull them over. If they see them tailgating another driver, where they might not ordinarily stop a private vehicle. They will stop a truck driver and cite them with assured clear distance or driving too closely.

Interviewer:Are there any unusual offenses that truck drivers get pulled over for that normal people wouldn’t get pulled over for at all?

Dale: Everything, everything. They’re watched much more closely.

Interviewer:All right. So what happens? Do they get just points off their license or do they lose their job? What could happen to CDL holders when they get pulled over and cited?

Dale: The drivers that I have represented are always in fear of losing their job for any traffic infraction. So, I get calls from truck drivers all over the country that will get a ticket in somewhere northeast Ohio, and want to know what I can do about it. Many times what I can do is, especially if the driver has an otherwise good record, is I could arrange to have that violation changed to a non moving violation that will not affect your driving record, or the insurance status.

Interviewer:All right. So for a truck driver’s more than anyone, or CDL holders. They definitely want to get an attorney to help them even if what normally would be a minor infraction let’s say like, speeding a few miles over the limit, or failure to yield.

Dale: Yes, not only are they subject to closer speculation by the police, and especially the state highway patrol. But the impact of having those points on your license is much more dramatic.
By Dale Naticchia