What About People With Commercial Licenses or Students in School?

Interviewer: What about people with commercial license? How about students in college? Will their workplaces or schools find out? Are there different consequences?

Dale: Well, a lot of employers require you to report if this happens. If you’re requiredby the employer’s policy to report a drunk driving charge, you really have little choice. Even if you are acquitted, it’s likely your employer will find out about the arrest. If your employer has this policy in place and you did not disclose the arrest, you could face consequences.

If an employer has employees that drive a company car, they are usually eligible for premium insurance rates. One way they keep those premium insurance rates is by making sure that their employees don’t have any points on their license and certainly don’t have an OVI or a DUI in their record.

Employees facing a DUI charge will have to give up their company car. Sometimes that means that the employee will be discharged if he has no choice but to drive the company car in the course of his employment.
By Dale Naticchia