What Happens to Your Driver’s License When Arrested

Interviewer: What do the police do when you’re arrested for DUI? Do they punch a hole inyour license or do they take it away?

Dale: They seize your license and you’re unable to drive. You’re under suspicion of driving under the influence immediately. This is not a suspension issued by the court but by the State of Ohio. State laws indicate that an operator’s license is the same as any other type of license, for example a hunting license or a fishing license. There are certain conditions on it and if those conditions are breached, your privileges can be revoked at any time. An example of a breach of conditions would include refusing to take a test to determine your blood alcohol concentration, or conversely, taking the test and testing over the defined levels.

Interviewer: So when someone’s been charged and released, at that point they literally do not have a license. Would they be permitted to drive, even to their residence?

Dale: They do not have possession of a license. However, this is where people misunderstandwhat is transpiring. This is not a court-ordered suspension. Instead, the executive branch of the state government, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has revoked your privileges.
By Dale Naticchia