Case History: Defending the Administrative License Suspension Issued by the BMV

Interviewer: I was wondering if you could share a unique or tough BMV case that may be your favorite victory.

Dale Naticchia: Let me give you something that I think is unique to the BMV. A case that’s unique to the BMV and shows you what could happen there.

I had a client that was in the military in the 1980′s. He was stationed in North Carolina. He got some traffic tickets in the eighties that he did not attend to. Because of this wonderful age of information we’re in; that court was putting all their forms in electronic files. They were converting them to electronic files.

Tickets Received Decades Ago, Even Ones Issued Out of State, That Were Unpaid Can Result in a BMV-Issued Suspension

They find my client’s cases that are not paid. He did not go to the hearings on the cases. They put a block on his license and sent it to the BMV. All of the sudden he has these blocks that are over thirty years old from cases that are over thirty years old on his license.

The only way to get those blocks taken care of; there’s no statute of limitations was to get those cases in North Carolina resolved. One of those cases required a personal appearance. The BMV here they’re saying there’s nothing we can do. This block came from North Carolina, it’s thirty years old, there’s no statute of limitations on it and you’ve got to deal with North Carolina.

The BMV just faxes the agency: that make sure you don’t drive until those things are taken care of.

By Dale Naticchia