After a Drunk-Driving Charge, Most Individuals Are Concerned about the Court Case but Ignoring the Administrative Suspension Can Have Lasting Effects

Dale Naticchia: You really have to do these types of cases on a regular basis to know the ins and outs of the Administrative License Suspension. Everybody’s very concerned about the criminal case that’s at hand, which is serious. But they tend to ignore the administrative portion of the case, which is very important if the person wants to drive.

Interviewer: How long can a potentially a BMV case last?

Dale Naticchia: Sometimes it goes on beyond what you might think.

For instance in those examples I gave you where someone was charged with an OVI, and they refused the test but eventually got the case reduced to reckless operation. That suspension will last a year.

Even if the case only lasts a month that suspension goes on. Then you’ll have to pay a $475 reinstatement fee to the BMV.

By Dale Naticchia