It Is Advisable to Check the Status of Your Driver’s License Periodically Online

Interviewer: Is there anything you’d like to remind people of about the BMV before we conclude the interview?

In Ohio, the BMV Website is:

Dale Naticchia: Yes. If you ever want to check the status of your license and a lot of people don’t know this–you can go to If you visit their online services you can view an unofficial copy of your driving record.

You put in some information including your driver’s license numbers, last four digits of your Social Security number, first letter of your last name and date of birth and you could see your record in real time.

There’s a lot of good information on the BMV site and people should get on there. They have a lot of very good frequently asked questions section as well.

Unless the Information Posted on Your Driver’s License Record Is Incorrect, You Cannot Dispute the Details

There’s not much you could do with a driving record; unless it’s incorrect. Let me give you an example of how unfair it is. I have a lot of clients that drive trucks that have a commercial driver’s license. A common scenario is they’re in their passenger vehicle and they’re rear-ended up by another driver. They get out and they call the police and the police make a report.

The accident appears on their driving record even though it wasn’t their fault. It doesn’t say whose fault it was. It just says accident. That really hurts them.

Yeah the accident’s not your fault. You’re rear-ended, you’re not in your commercial vehicle you’re in your personal vehicle and yet accident appears on your record and employers look at that.

Interviewer: When someone’s been arrested for DUI at what point should they contact a lawyer?

Within 35 Days Following Your Arraignment, You Can No Longer Appeal the Suspension: It Is Imperative to Contact an Attorney as Soon as Possible after a Drunk-Driving Arrest

Dale Naticchia: Right away, if not sooner. Everything has time limits on it but the time starts running immediately. IF your driver’s license was suspended and you couldn’t drive, how long could you last?

So why are you going to wait? You want to get on the road as quickly as possible. Your rights to appeal the Administrative License Suspension are running. Thirty five days after your arraignment you can no longer file a motion to suppress and that could have exonerated you. You need to do something about the situation immediately.

By Dale Naticchia