How Are DUI Defendants Treated By The Court System

Interviewer: How should people expect to be treated by the courts and the judges? Are they the devilincarnate or are they treated at least somewhat fairly?

Dale: My clients are treated fairly and treated with respect because I make certainthat the court knows these people are respectable citizens. At worst, they made amistake. That’s the worst thing that they’ve done.

In most the courts where I am representing clients, I observe that my clients are afforded a great deal of respect as well as a great deal of understanding from the courts.

Interviewer: Would you say that because you’ve been around these judges, prosecutors and court personnel for so long that you are afforded a higher level level of respect than younger attorneys?

Dale: I just think it’s the way of human nature. Once you get to know someone, you feel more comfortable with them. Especially if you’ve built credibility with other people, which I always do. I never try to act in an underhanded fashion in the court. I will zealously advocate my client’s rights, but I would never do anything dishonest and the courts know that. My professionalism has gone a long way toward building up my believability in court.

Interviewer: The thing is, it also speaks to the fact that, you know if someone’s unscrupulousand they come see you and they just want representation, you’re not essentiallythe equivalent of a mob lawyer. You have discretion on who you’re going to accept as a client, right?

Dale: That is true. It’s the people that have unrealistic goals, I just, I willnot take their case. We’ll say, I’ll pay you $10,000 if you can guarantee me I’ll getoff. Sorry, there are no guarantees in this business. All I can tell you is what Iwill do, and I will do everything that I can on your behalf.
By Dale Naticchia