What’s The Chain Of Events From Arrest Through The 1st 2 Months

Interviewer: Let’s illustrate what happens initially. What are people facing the first two months after they’ve been arrested. What are the common chain of events?

Dale First of all, as I mentioned before, they’re without a driver’s license. I encourage my clients to immediately get back into their routines and keep up with their normal work schedules. I want to convince the client to get on with life. Do whatever you do, whatever it is, and do it well. Don’t let this interfere, I will handle the rest of it, which I do and I work the system.

I start out amassing discovery. I get a very detailed narrative from the client as to what occurred. Then I get all the information, everything that I could possibly get from theprosecution, which includes usually video, audio dispatch tapes, a narrative and an alcohol influence report. I examine and analyze all this information, and arrive at the best possible defense that the client has.

Now I can talk to the prosecutor intelligently about the case at the first pretrial. Many times, there are always flaws. Some outcomes are not always guaranteed. However, it’s extremely important to have leverage in bargaining with the prosecutor.
By Dale Naticchia