What Common Mistakes Do People Make That Hurts Their Case?

Interviewer: It seems like you can handle everything. I’m sure that people tend to make mistakesbecause they’re unaware that could make their case more difficult. What are some of the common, yet unintentional errors?

Dale: You asked about misconceptions earlier. Most people believe that they shouldinitially plead guilty. They feel that if they were indeed drinking and I was driving, then therefore they are guilty. They fear repercussions from the court if they plead not guilty.

What they do not know is that most courts will not accept a guilty plea from someone who appears in court without an attorney on the first hearing. This is because you may be falsely implicated during your arrest. Did the police have reasonable suspicion for the stop? Did they have probable cause for the arrest? Was the blood testing device calibrated properly, and properly maintained? The answers to these questions could potentially result in an acquittal.

Interviewer: Any other ways that people unintentionally harm their case?

Dale: Sometimes clients are impatient because they want to get put the episode behind them without thinking about the consequences. It’s very painful for them. I ask them to be patient because it does take a certain amount of time to ensure the best outcome for them.