How Public Will Your DUI Charges Be?

Interviewer:: How public is your arrest and the charges going to be? Will your employer findout? How about friends or your family?

Dale: More than likely, your employer will not find out unless you don’t show up to work. This would result in your having to explain the reason why you didn’t show up for work and that you have lost your driving privileges. That could lead to some problems. But usually these arrests don’t get highly publicized.

However, some communities will put names in the police blotter in the local paper. So if you get arrested, say in Barberton, and you work in Cleveland, the people in Cleveland aren’t going to know about your charges. People in Barberton may know if they read the local paper.

More than likely it will not become public, even though it is a public record. It’s not a common practice to delve through court records just to find out what’s going on witha particular individual.However, something that is not commonly known is that the Ohio Department of Health will post the results from the Intoxilizer 8000 tests on their website.

Interviewer:: With your name attached to it?

Dale: Yes and the date the test was issued.

Interviewer:: Wouldn’t that be appear in Google, should someone search your name?

Dale: It may pick it up.