How to Contact Dale Naticchia, esq. For a Free Initial DUI / OVI Consultation

Interviewer: There are people that are reading this publication, either on your website or in the book

form. If they’re convinced that they should come in and see you for a free consultation, how specifically should they get in touch with you?

Dale: They can reach me by calling my office number, which is 440-342-9379. On the weekends, I answer the calls personally. On the weekdays when I’m in court, my assistant Elena answers the phone and will forward the message immediately. Or they could visit my website, That will provide them with information and including my email address, which is and they can email me.

Interviewer: Are there any geographical boundaries in your practice? Are some parts of the state just too far away for you to properly provide service?

Dale: My practice is concentrated in all of northeast Ohio. Primarily, in Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Summit and Lorain Counties, but I do venture into Stark and Trumbull County and surrounding areas. I am available in other areas for serious cases. If somebody has a case that really needs attention and they want someone with my expertise handling it, then I will go wherever the case is located.
By Dale Naticchia