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Brooklyn is located close to Cleveland, which makes it an attractive destination for people who want to be close to a major metropolitan area but who enjoy living in an affordable and more intimate suburban environment. There are a few major employers in the region, including KeyBank and Arrow International. Brooklyn is regularly listed as one of the safest places to reside in the area, with fewer than 10 assaults being reported annually during the last three years. If you find yourself facing an assault charge, there is a good chance that the accuser made the report out of anger or for retaliation. Although the police may be investigating the case, it is entirely possible that a strong defense will absolve you of liability. At the Law Office of A. Dale Naticchia, our Brooklyn assault defense lawyer has guided many people through the legal process and has helped them assert their rights when facing a criminal charge. We are ready to help you resolve this stressful situation in an efficient and thoughtful manner.

Explaining Ohio Laws on Assault

When it comes to assault, Ohio has taken a very strict stance and enacted potentially harsh penalties to match. The state has robust assault laws that define four specific types of assault crimes. One category is simple assault, which carries the lowest penalties and fines. In a simple assault, the individual knowingly or recklessly caused physical harm to another person or an unborn child. The second type of assault also carries relatively moderate penalties and fines, and it is called negligent assault. This involves situations in which the individual causes harm to another person or attempts to cause harm to another person while using a weapon of deadly force. These include guns, bats, hammers, tire irons, and other objects.

The other two categories of assault carry more severe penalties and fines, including prison sentences, so it is especially critical to consult an assault defense attorney in Brooklyn if you are facing these types of charges. Felony assault is the most serious assault charge in Ohio and involves situations in which the individual intended to cause harm to someone or an unborn child, or attempted to cause harm or actually caused harm by using a deadly weapon. Aggravated assault is the same as felony assault except for a third element, which provides that the prosecution must prove that you were acting under a sudden passion or a fit of rage. Since the penalties and fines associated with each of these four categories of assault vary so greatly, it is critical to ensure that you are charged appropriately and that you are not sentenced more harshly than what the situation justifies. A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can ensure that you are not subjected to unjust penalties.

Potentially Applicable Defenses to an Assault Charge

There are many defenses that a Brooklyn assault defense attorney may be able to assert in trying to have the charge against you dismissed or reduced. A common defense that arises in situations involving assault is self-defense. If another person started the situation or escalated it, and you were required to defend yourself, you did not actually commit assault. To take advantage of this defense, you must show that the threats or physical conduct that you used were reasonable in proportion to the violence or actions that you were receiving from the other party. Another common defense is consent. If you were involved in a mutual sporting activity or recreational event, for example, the other party cannot claim that you engaged in assault. There are many other defenses that may apply to your situation, so contact us as soon as possible to learn more about your legal rights.

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At the Law Office of A. Dale Naticchia, we understand that you are going through many strong emotions while facing a criminal investigation. Our seasoned legal team has provided advice and counsel to individuals facing assault or domestic violence charges throughout the Brooklyn area. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 216-520-5297 or contact us online to get started. Let us help you resolve this matter in a smooth and efficient manner.

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