Driving Under Suspension

Dale: Maybe I should explain to there’s points involved for driving while under suspension it depends what kind of suspension it is.If you’re driving under a twelve point suspension and you don’t have privileges or you are outside your privileges there’s six points for that. Okay? If you’re driving under a child support suspension and your license could be suspended for nonpayment of child support, there’s two points for that violation.

Interviewer: How about if you have like eighty million parking tickets that are unpaid, will they suspend you for that?

Dale: Yes.

Interviewer: What happens even if those are non moving violations? What happens if you’re pulled over, and cited for driving on a suspended with that? If you just have eighty million parking tickets, but they suspend your license, you drive, and you get pulled over.

Dale: This is what they can do Okay. I’ve seen some municipalities do this for a unpaid parking ticket. What they will do is send in what they call a “warrant block” to the ODMV for nonpayment Okay. And what will happen is DMV will suspend your license, and you can’t reinstate until you pay the court off, and get a release from the court.I don’t think that’s right, but I’ve seen it happen.

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