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Parma is located close to the major metropolitan area of Cleveland, which makes it a popular place to live. With a large suburban area, Parma is an especially popular destination for people who are raising children or hoping to start a family. According to recent data, nearly half of the residents in Parma report being legally married. As many people are aware, family dynamics can be complicated. There are many stereotypes regarding domestic violence matters and just as many misconceptions about when an event constitutes domestic violence. Based on how Ohio criminal laws are structured, it is easy to find yourself being arrested or detained for a domestic violence charge of which you are innocent. At the Law Office of A. Dale Naticchia, our Parma domestic violence lawyer proudly provides legal counsel regarding these complex matters. If your legal rights are at stake, contact us now to learn about how we can help you ensure that your case is resolved fairly and promptly.

Understanding Ohio's Domestic Violence Laws

There are many misconceptions about domestic violence laws and the situations that they encompass. There are both civil and criminal laws that apply to domestic violence situations in Ohio, and they cover both physical and emotional abuse. Although physical abuse is the clearest example of domestic violence, it can include other behaviors such as harassment, threats of violence, stalking, false imprisonment, and threats against other individuals or even pets. Some examples of physical violence that will trigger a domestic violence charge include pointing a weapon at a person, throwing objects, choking, slapping, pushing, kicking, tearing clothing, and any type of harmful contact. A domestic violence attorney in the Parma area can advise you on whether the conduct in your case is likely to support a charge.

As far as the types of relationships that invoke domestic violence protections, there are many different examples covered in Ohio's laws. Spouses, living partners, and former spouses or former living partners are covered under the domestic violence laws. This means that you can become involved in a domestic violence dispute even if you no longer reside with the other party. Following a recent change in the law, you also can be charged with domestic violence even if you were only in a casual relationship with the alleged victim. Parents, foster parents, children of the alleged offender, or other people who are related to the alleged offender may also be protected under domestic violence laws. Finally, the other natural parent of a defendant's child falls under the Ohio domestic violence laws.

There are a variety of ways that a Parma domestic violence attorney can potentially help you dispute a domestic violence charge or have the charge against you reduced. Since police must take a proactive approach in domestic violence disputes, it is common for an individual who did not commit any domestic violence act to be detained on false allegations. The person making the accusation may have done so as a way to harass or retaliate against the charged individual. Self-defense is another common defense to domestic violence. If the other person initially threatened or harassed you, and you were defending yourself, the court will take this into consideration. Consent is another defense to domestic violence, such as in situations in which the parties were engaged in a rough form of sex by mutual agreement.

In other instances, meanwhile, you may find yourself blamed for an injury or act of abuse that someone else perpetrated. Finding evidence to show someone else's culpability can serve as a way to have the domestic violence charge against you dismissed.

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Domestic violence situations are often emotional and complicated, even if no physical violence occurred. At the Law Office of A. Dale Naticchia, our criminal lawyer proudly assists defendants with protecting their legal rights and interests when faced with a domestic violence charge or another criminal matter in Parma, such as assault. Call us now at 216-520-5297 or contact us online to set up your free consultation.

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