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As OVI/Criminal defense attorneys, it is of extreme importance to know the courts where your clients have cases. I am intametly familiar with the Parma Municipal Court, its judges, prosecutors and probation department. Parma Municipal Court is located at 5555 Powers Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44129 . It is a three judge court, Judge Timothy Gilligan, Judge Kenneth Spanagel and Judge Deanna O'Donnell. Parma Municipal Court has jurisdiction over Parma, Parma Heights, Linndale, Seven Hills, Brooklyn, North Royalton, Broadview Heights and Brooklyn Heights.

In 2016, this court heard 6,867 misdemeanor cases that included OVI (aka DUI), domestic violence, assault, drug and theft cases. There were 667 OVI (aka DUI) cases heard in the court. There are 12 different prosecutors and 4 probation officers.

I have been a member of the Parma Bar Association for over 30 years and personally know all the judges, prosecutors and probation officers. In representing clients in cases where they have been accused of a misdemeanor charge, a Parma OVI/Criminal defense attorney'sknowledge of the court and its personnel is invaluable. The prosecutors, judges and probation department personnel will make key decisions concerning your case. A Parma OVI/Criminal defense attorney's knowledge of the personnel involved is essential.

Within the Court's juridsiction there are also Mayor's Courts. These Mayor's Courts include Broadview Heights, Seven Hills, Parma Heights, Broadview Heights, Linndale, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn and Broadview Heights. The mayor's courts only have jurisdiction over first time OVI (ada DUI) offenses. The Mayor's Courts will not hear domestic violence cases.

Many cases within the Parma jurisdiction begin or are resolved in the mayor's courts. A Parma criminal defense/ OVI attorney should be consulted about their case is in a mayor's court. Many times a favorable resolution of a case can be accomplished in mayor's court. Other cases may be better suited to proceed to the Municipal Court. For instance many defendants accused of a theft charge may want to plead guilty and proceed to the Municipal Court to take advantage of first offender's program or enter into diversion a diversion program. Clients that are enrolled in these programs have the benefit of having the case dismissed and the record sealed that will keep their records clean. A Parma OVI/criminal defense attorney can greatly aid in determining whether to keep the case in Mayor's court or proceed to the municipal court.

Domestic violence cases are never heard in the mayor's courts but directly proceed to the Municipal Court. This is because such cases require the involvement of the probation department and require specific types of orders that can only be issued by the Municipal Court. Such orders include temporary protective orders that require one party to move from the household and to have no contact with the victim. An OVI/ criminal defense attorney needs to anticipate and address these issues.

The decision to keep a case in the mayor's court or proceed to the Muncipal Court may also turn on the issues presented. A person charged with a crime that goes to mayor's court cannot challenge charge when such a challenge would require a formal proceeding. By way of example, assume that a client has been charged with an OVI (aka DUI) and it becomes apparent that the arrest was in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. A Fourth Amendment challenge requires a suppression hearing that is a formal proceeding. Unless the prosecutor agrees that there is a Fourth Amendment issue concerning the arrest, the client must plea not guilty in the mayor's court so the case could proceed to the Municipal Court where a supression hearing will be conducted.

As an OVI/criminal defense attorney for over 30 years, I analyze all the alternatives that are available to the client and make a sound and intelligent decision as to how best to proceed based upon the nature of the charge, the issues presented and the personnel involved. If you contact me concerning a misdemanor charge whteher it be an OVI (aka DUI), domestic violence, assault, theft or drug charge, I will analyze your case and give you the best alternative fit to your circumstances.

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